About Us

 What makes me better?

When most of us think about our accountant, filing taxes often comes to mind. However, accountants are trusted advisors that can offer much more to their clients than just preparing tax returns. My Seattle based accounting practice is passionate about providing innovative ways to deliver value to my clients.

I offer the most cutting-edge technology to all of my clients:

  • Paperless environment allows for easy submission of documents
  • Secure file transfer protocol
  • Automated processes for my clients
  • I respond to every question and concern within the hour 

How is my firm different from other accounting practices?

My accounting firm, Florina’s Accounting and Tax Services LLC., not only has decades of work experience, but I also work with the latest and greatest technologies available in the marketplace. The result is that I am able to not only provide traditional accounting services such as bookkeeping and tax preparation work, but can offer my clients strategic advice as their most trusted business advisor. In addition, my efficient processes allow me to provide my services at an affordable fee in comparison to the majority of the market. Lastly, I focus a lot of my attention on building client relationships and understand how important it is to be very accessible.